As Built Survey / Utility Surveys

As Built Survey / As Constructed Surveys & Utility Surveying Services

Our experienced land surveyors can provide you with an accurate as built survey of your development.

Before a local authority will take charge of a development they will require a full and detailed as-constructed survey of the devlopment.The majority of the time the as built survey will differ from the design drawing for a number of reasons, such as unexpected difficulties in construction required a design change or mistakes were made on site during construction.

The purpose of this type of survey is to establish, accurately the position of all buildings, boundaries, services and both foul and surface water runs.

We are fully up to date on all current regulations regards survey information and drawing details for as built surveys, we can answer any queries you may have.Feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss your project more.

Utility Surveys

Underground features are just as important to many of our clients as the above ground features.

Particularly in urban areas, there may be a multitude of underground services and drains crossing a development site, all of which could help or hinder the realisation of the project.

Using our underground tracing equipment and manhole lifting equipment, we are able to ascertain the types and depths of most underground services.

We can provide Invert levels of storm and foul manholes to assist in the design process of the new storm and foul network of your development. Also we can link the existing storm and foul manhole network on site if required. To evaluate the condition of existing storm and foul lines we can also provide a CCTV survey.

This information is reproduced in digital format and can be used as stand alone data or as part of the overall spatial data relating to a project.

Survey Sample As-Built

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