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Irish Boundary Information

Adverse Possession / Squatters Rights

Adverse possession is a means by which an individual takes possession of a property, for a designated period of time, with the expressed intention of excluding all others including the true owner. If a squatter enjoys adverse and exclusive possession of the land for twelve years, which is inconsistent with the title of the true owner, then he or she may oust that owner and gain title.

Where is my Legal Boundary?

OSI maps never indicate legal property boundaries, nor do they show ownership of physical features. Although some property boundaries may be coincident with surveyed map features, no assumptions should be made in these instances and consequently it is not possible to identify the position of a legal property boundary from an OSI map.

Non-conclusive Boundary System

The boundary system adopted by the land registry under the registration of title act, 1964 is known as a non-conclusive boundary system. The land registry operates a non-conclusive boundary system which means that the map does not indicate whether a boundary includes a hedge or wall or ditch etc.

And interesting article outlying why property boundary disputes are increasing in Ireland.