Measured Building Survey

Complete Survey Solutions have vast experience in producing accurately measured building surveys

We use the latest technology to produce accurate and highly detailed floor plans, sections and elevations of existing buildings / structures.

We use specialist measured building survey software coupled with hand held lasers linked via bluetooth and our reflector less total stations to quickly and accurately produce your measured building survey. This can then be exported to AutoCAD for client delivery.

Elevation and Facade Surveys

A typical elevation survey would consist of surveying the front,sides and back of a building and recording important structural details such as building lines, windows opes,doors opes, columns, roof details, chimneys. This information can highlight structural elements

that would not be clearly visible from a floor plan.

We can also carry out full street scape facade surveys recording to detail the existing elevation street scape. Which can help designers integrate new building designs in to an existing streets facade. We can also record detailed elevations for historical record quickly and accurately and have worked on many historical and listed buildings to date.

By using our reflector less total stations lasers and specialist software we can easily measure elevations and get to places where access might be an issue.

Measured Floor Plans

When redeveloping a building it is essential to start with an accurate set of floor plans so that an appropriate design can be produced in order to merge the new with the old.

We use our portable touch screen laptops coupled via Bluetooth to our hand held lasers and reflector less total stations to quickly measure floor plans. Our surveyors can see in real time the floor plan detail on the laptops, which ensure nothing is left out and prevents any site revisits and  accurate measured building survey.

Some of the typical detail on a floor plan would include structural walls, columns, beams, doors, windows, sanitary fixtures, stairs, radiators, floor levels, floor to ceiling level, head heights of doors, head and cill heights of windows.

From a simple record plan to a comprehensive room by room database of all fixtures and fittings, a survey can be tailor made to a clients specific needs.

Survey Sample Floor Plans
Survey Sample Floor Plans


Sections allow comparisons between floors to be easily made. The alignment of structural columns or floor to floor level changes can be immediately assessed. Sections are usually generated from the floor plan and elevation details of a measured building survey. However, they can be produced as a stand alone service when required.

Experienced Chartered Measured Building Surveyors

Our building surveyors to date have carried out a wide range of building surveys, ranging from small detached houses to large commercial properties, office blocks, churches, schools and historical buildings.

As your building surveyor we can guarantee an accurate detailed and well presented survey of your building at a competitive price.

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``They use the most modern equipment which produces the quality of work that we require. In our experience they have always provided a very high quality service at a very reasonable cost.``

Donal G.Terry, Donal G. Terry & Associates, Dublin
Survey Sample Elevations
Survey Sample Elevations

Survey Samples


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