Farm Mapping

Farm Mapping Service

Complete Survey Solutions can provide you with a precise Farm Mapping service. The majority of current farm maps are from old mapping and may not accurately represent your current farm layout. These maps were surveyed via Ariel photography flown at 10,000 feet and can often be inaccurate.
When we are finished surveying your farm you will have a very accurate representation of your current farm layout with precise calculation of the area of each field or paddock.

What We Do

Our experienced Land Surveyors use the latest Surveying GPS units and Total Station instruments to quickly survey your farm, this modern equipment allows us survey large

areas of land quickly and accurately.

We can then download the survey and provide you with a detailed farm map. The farm map will show all boundaries, roads, farm buildings, all fields and paddocks will be numbered and will have area calculation on it. All maps are to scale and can be easily scaled off. So you can calculate measurements for future fencing or water main requirements.

You will also receive paper copies of your farm map in various sizes laminated or unlaminated. Plus a PDF of the farm map.

Some of the Benefits of an Accurate up to date Farm Map

Accurate calculation of paddock and field sizes
Precise Calculation of fertilizer requirements
Accurate estimating of fencing requirements
Redesign of paddocks
Essential tool for efficient farm management
Important for directing farm relief workers or contractors

Redesign Paddock / Farm Layout

When you get your farm map and see the precise area of current paddocks you may feel that the current layout is inefficient and not getting the best out of your farm. Especially in recent years many cow heard have expanded and paddock sizes have stayed the same.
We can help you redesign your more efficient larger paddock layout, we can also help you optimize your water layout for your growing heard.

Save More

We also offer a discount rate if a number of farmers in an area come together looking for our farm mapping service.

Sample Farm Map
Sample Farm Map

Other Farm Related Services You Might Need:

Check your Boundaries against your Land Registry map

Since we have your farms boundaries surveyed already, we can easily compare it to your filed Land Registry map. So you can compare existing boundaries to your legal boundaries. Often their can be discrepancies between both and they may need to be resolved.

Establish a Missing Boundary

Maybe you are missing a boundary on the ground and would like to accurately re-establish it. We can easily set out this boundary for you.

Land Subdivision

Maybe you are considering sub dividing up an existing parcel of land between family members. We can help you map this sub division for land registry and set out new boundaries if required. We will also prepare the maps for registration with land registry.

Farm Mapping Service

Buying or Leasing Land

It is important to know what you are buying or renting. We can precisely check that the contract sale map actually relates to the existing boundaries on site. In many cases their may be some form of discrepancy between both and it is important to get this resolved before any sale is finalised.

We can accurately measure and certify the area of land for sale or rent on behalf of the purchaser or vendor and sign a declaration of identity to that effect for your solicitors.