Deformation / Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring Survey Service

Complete Survey Solutions can assist you with any deformation / monitoring surveys you require. Engineering Projects can sometimes destabilize adjacent land or buildings and cause them to subside or move. So when engineering works are being carried out in sensitive areas, by putting in control points on stable ground near the site, we are able to monitor any feature to establish it’s movement over time during the engineering phase.
These same techniques can be used for the monitoring of a vast array of structures both man made, bridges, rail-lines, embankments, pier structures etc. and natural features like cliff lines or landslide prone slopes.

We are able to measure minute movements in any direction using our high precision equipment. Our software then produces a vector graph of movement over time for all pre-determined monitoring points so that we can look for any trends in direction.

Monitoring keeps the risk of damage or subsidence to an absolute minimum, as any signs of too much movement will be noticed immediately and can be acted upon.