Volume Surveys

Volume Surveys & Quarry Surveying Services

Complete Survey Solutions offers a volume calculation service, we have carried out volumetric surveys all over Ireland to date from large quarries to insurance claims in relation to ground works claims.

Digital Terrain Models

Volumetric survey data is collected in the field by our land surveyors using the latest GPS units. This data can then be processed to form a 3D digital terrain model (DTM). The resulting DTM can form the basis for volume calculations, surface area measurements, contours and cross sections.

Reason for Volumetric Surveys

Established volumes can be used for a variety of purposes such as quantifying crushed or excavated materials. Cut and fill exercises can then be undertaken to balance earthworks. Removal of material in quarries can also be monitored. Contractors blasting and removing the rock in quarries are usually paid by the cubic metre of removed material. We can cost effectively assess the amount removed, thus ensuring both client and contractor are remunerated accordingly

Benefits of Volumetric Surveys and Digital Terrain Models

The data contained in the computer generated digital terrain model is extensive and eliminates the need for difficult and laborious calculations, previously done by hand, this saving you time and money.

The accuracy of the output volumes is of benefit in establishing quantities for tendering in the building and civil engineering fields, ensuring the tender submitted has the best chance of returning a profit.

Sample Volume Survey
Sample Volume Survey