Boundary Surveys / Legal Mapping

Complete Survey Solutions provides a full range of legal mapping services and boundary surveys. Our experienced boundary surveyors can also help resolve any boundary disputes you may have.

Boundary Surveying Services & Boundary Dispute services

Defining Existing Boundaries / Setting Out of New Boundaries

Whether you are an individual looking for a missing boundary to be located on the ground. We can interpret your existing title deed map, and set out the missing boundary on the ground accurately .
Maybe you and your neighbor are not in dispute but want to establish boundaries between both properties. We can facilitate both parties by objectively interpreting both title deed maps and physically define the boundaries on site.

Land Registry Mapping

When a property or part of a property requires a new title, the new plot needs to be lodged and approved by the land registry. We can provide you with a boundary survey of the new title and a drawing that is to land registry requirements.

Whether you require:

  • First registration for lands or apartments.
  • First registration of new properties.
  • First registration of existing, previously unregistered properties.
  • Registration for rights of way, way leaves
  • Scheme maps
  • Multi-storey scheme maps

What ever you require we can provide with a accurate boundary survey for your land registry application.

Land Registry Compared Against Actual Boundary on Ground
Land Registry Compared Against Actual Boundary on Ground

Lease Plans

We can accurately measure floor plans of an existing commercial unit, so the actual net lettable area of commercial unit/units can be defined which are referred to and annexed to legal lease agreements.

Purchasing Land / Buying a New House

It is important to know what you are buying, we can precisely check that the contract sale map actually relates to the existing boundaries on site. In many cases there may be some form of discrepancy between both, it is important to get this resolved before any sale is finalized.

We can accurately measure and certify the area of land for sale on behalf of the purchaser or vendor and sign a declaration of identity to that effect for your solicitors.

Boundary Disputes

We are experienced in dealing with boundary disputes whether nominated by agreement between the disputing parties or by one party only to undertake a survey. We will provide an expert independent accurate boundary survey. We will review all title maps, deeds and right of ways and objectively review all data before reporting back on our findings.

We can act as a mediator between both parties if required and discuss the findings of the expert report. Sometimes an agreement can be made at this stage which prevents any costly legal fees in the courts.
Alternatively we can be called upon as expert witnesses to stand over and affirm such reports in the courts.

Reconciliation of Historic Deeds & Title Maps

Over the years especially in city center properties many old leases and title deeds may exist for a property. We can objectively overlay the historic deed maps and titles onto a current digital boundary survey of the property for comparison.
We can then update the old title deed maps of the property into an acceptable format for land registry.

Land Subdivision

Maybe you are considering sub dividing up an existing parcel of land between members of your family. We can help you map this sub division and set out new boundaries it required. We will also prepare the maps for registration with land registry.

Net Internal Area (NIA) with Duty of Care

Net internal area (NIA) is defined as the usable floor area within a building inside the internal face of perimeter walls. Assessed and quoted for all building levels, NIA is the basis of measurement for valuation, marketing and property rating.

We welcome both private and professional Clients

We would recommend Complete Survey Solutions because they provide a professional and quality service and would be happy to use them in the future.

Earnest J.Cantillon, Earnest J.Cantillion Solicitors, Cork.


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