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Are you looking for a Topographical survey or land survey services for your project? An accurate Topographical Survey / Land survey is critical to the success of any project. Complete Survey Solutions are the experts in producing high quality, accurate Land Surveys. We are Chartered land surveyors so you can be sure our work and standards are of the highest quality.

A typical Topographic Survey

Consists of surveying all the natural features (rivers,hills,mounds,boundaries, trees) and the man made features (roads, services, buildings, bridges,walls, fences) on a site. Our software will show the exact gradients of the site via the use of computer generated contours, giving you an accurate contour survey.

The equipment we use to survey land combines the latest GPS units and reflectors less robotic total stations. Our reflector less total station laser allows us to remotely survey neighboring building heights and floor level without ever having to access the property.

A Topographic survey can be easily referenced to O.S.I mapping because we survey in the same coordinate system ITM. Alternatively the coordinate system can be in the Irish national grid 1975, plus all of the surveys relate to malin head datum.

Land Surveys can be produced in different scales and exported in multiple formats, we can also provide digital 3D output. Surveys can be Taylor made to your specific requirements requirements.

Topographical Survey for Planning Applications

Has your Architect or Engineer requested you to get a Topographical Survey of your site ?

Not Sure what needs to be done?

Don’t worry here at Complete Survey Solutions we are experienced in generating land surveys for planning applications. We will survey all the relevant data your Architect or Engineer will need for designing your project. If your site is slopeing we can accurately generate a contour survey to reflect the topography of your site. All we need is a site location map so we can find your site.

We Welcome Private & Public Customers

We carry out a wide range of land surveying projects from a small site survey of a back garden for a planning application for an extension, to large land surveys of hundreds of acres to detailed topographic survey in built up areas to large tree surveys.

At Complete Survey Solutions no land survey is too big or too small.

Topographic Survey Samples


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