• Are you Unsure where your Property Line is currently located?
  • Do you want to know where your legal boundary is?
  • Is Your Neighbours Property Line encroaching on your property?

Complete Survey Solutions has vast experience in surveying property lines . Our experienced boundary surveyors using the latest land surveying instrumentation will accurately measure and map the property line in question.Property Line Survey

When the survey is processed we can then accurately overlay the land registry boundary of the given folio on top of our survey. We do everything digitally to ensure the highest accuracy.

We can then examine in detail the results and identify the exact location of the legal property line.


We can also act as mediators to help both parties come to an agreed property line, this can help avoid long drawn out cases that can end up costing both parties a considerable amount of Money & Time.

Property Line Set Out

We can also set out the position of you legal property line if no boundary currently exists using the latest land surveying instrumentation, the day of the measuring tape is gone:) get it done accurately and professionally by the experts

We welcome Both Public & Private Clients & provide a Nationwide Service

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