Engineering Surveys / Setting Out

Engineering Services & Setting  Out Services

At Complete Survey Solutions we are experienced in all aspects of engineering surveying and Site Setting out. Our engineering surveyors can provide surveying solutions for all your civil engineering projects.

By using the latest survey equipment and software which enables us to offer a flexible approach to site set out. We can tailor make a package to whatever situation. Whether it is a one off house or a large housing estate to roads or commercial developments we can accurately set out your project.

We will take your design drawings, and generate the coordinates for a set out file.This data can then be uploaded to our portable survey loggers. We then use out trimble total

station instruments or our GPS units to precisely set out your design using pegs, flags or nails depending on your site. A map showing all points set out can be provided to the site engineer/foreman to assist in interpretation of the points set out.

Whether you are looking to Setout:

  • Pad,Strip or piles foundations set out.
  • Building outline
  • Services & manhole locations
  • Location of block work or brick work corners
  • Retaining Walls
  • Grid Lines
  • Form work set out on footings
  • Roads or harbinger set out

We are able to set out with great speed and efficiency what we can set out in a day could take a developer weeks to do.

Site Control

It is important before any site works begin that a solid control network is laid out, this ensures that the project runs smoothly and avoids any costly set out mistakes. Whether your project is a large new motorway project, a chemical factory or a greenfield housing development we can provide site control to meet your needs.

Contact us Today we would be delighted to discuss your site setout requirements

We Used Complete Survey Solutions for Engineering and Set Out Duties on the M7/M8 motorway project. Where they carried out all duties to a high professional standard and I would highly recommend them and would be happy to work with them again on any future projects.

Paul McEntee, Bam Contractors

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