Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic Surveys Service

Complete Survey Solutions provides a river and flood surveying service. We have carried out a number of flood surveys throughout Ireland. Our hydrographic and topographic surveyors are ready to dispatch at short notice in the event of a flood.

Our surveyors can survey the flooded area quickly and gather important information, such as high water marks, take pictures and gather eye witness reports before this important information is lost in the clean up. This information could prove vital later in any insurance claims. We can then provide you with an accurate survey map of the area showing the extent of the flood and the damaged properties.

River Surveys

We can also carry out detailed river channel surveys, measuring cross sections at required intervals and surveying in detail all structures that are on the river channel.

When needed we can provide you with a detailed 3D survey of an area which can help flood engineers and hydrographic modelers pin point exactly the cause of the flood or assist in any future flood defense design.

Land Surveys for Flood Risk Assessment

Complete Survey Solutions can assist engineers and architects in the production of topographical surveys which relate to ordnance survey datum (malin head) by using our VRS network. This has become increasingly important as ordnance survey support for it’s benchmark network declines and requirements become more rigorous and wide spread.

Architects and engineers can then reference theses levels against historical flood records and potential 100 years floods levels. So they can safely design the project in the knowledge it will be safe from future flooding.

River Survey Sample
River Survey Sample

Complete Survey Solutions have now completed several commissions for us ranging from river channel survey to full topographic surveys. When needed they have responded very quickly and have delivered outputs that are 'right first time

Jeremy Benn, Director, JBA Consulting, Limerick